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At YesJuice we focus on the three most important forms of currency: Health, Community, & Entertainment. This is our juice & it's worth the squeeze. Juice is more than a delicious and revitalizing drink, it’s the power of feeling good, working together, and sharing creativity.





Julieanna Goddard, professionally known as YesJulz, is a well-known Miami-based entrepreneur, media personality and lifestyle guru, who recently entered the hospitality space with her new juice experience on South Beach’s iconic Lincoln Road, YesJuice.

Deemed “Snapchat Royalty” by the New York Times in 2017 and a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, Goddard and her electric energy are contagious. By capturing second-by-second recaps of her daily life on social media, YesJulz’s audience has lived and grown up with her - from her travels around the globe to New Music Mondays via her marketing and music agency, 1AM Radio, to an exclusive look at the world's top events through her hosting gigs.


Goddard quickly gained recognition for her work with major brands such as Puma, Toyota, Muzik, Hpnotiq, Red Bull, Sprite, T-Mobile, Viber, and more, and has earned the respect of her peers by being both the “talent” and the business woman, truly bringing her #NeverNotWorking mantra to life.


Goddard is also focused on her philanthropic efforts with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between cool and conscious and providing creative outlets for underprivileged youth. As someone who experienced the foster care system firsthand, Goddard uses her influence to uplift the next generation by lending her time and talents to several local community-based organizations including #HashtagLunchBag Miami and the Jack Brewer Foundation. One of her greatest accomplishments is building three music studios through Little Rascals, Goddard’s non-profit foundation.

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